So here we are today, free from the French Horological border post Bell & Ross in which we had been summoned to perform what it turned out to be a great strip search into the novelties of the brand with the ampersand.

The report of our micromechanical interrogation written and published, it is now time to join with fervor our next horological destination, this time a little particular, since diametrically opposed to our position on the geosphere.

Let’s go forward then in the direction of the land of the Rising Sun to meet a brand which drives its micromechanics with an economical Eco-Drive system, I am referring, of course, to… Citizen!

The Japanese brand is indeed the very first pioneer to have invented in 1976 a revolutionary solar power system for a Quartz watch, then called: ECO-DRIVE.

43 years of refinement and tweaking later, Citizen’s Eco-Drive system is now able to produce and store the energy from any light source, whether artificial or natural, via a lithium-ion-titanium battery, even in very low lighting conditions, thanks to a micrometric amorphous silicon disc placed under the dial transforming the said energy into electrical energy on the basis of the photovoltaic conversion process.

The main advantage of this most advanced technology in its watchmaking field is considerable since it simply makes a watch equipped with the Eco-Drive system absolutely autonomous, and thus overcome the inexorable pain in the butt of battery changing…

… for the lifetime of the rechargeable battery of course, which is nonetheless guaranteed to still have 80% or more of its charging potential after 20 years. So, that being said.

FYI, when the battery is fully charged, a watch equipped with the Eco-Drive system can keep on working without any light source of any kind from 5 months to … 7 years depending on the model !

And this, thanks to a smart, radio-controlled battery management system, which will automatically cut the power of special functions first (if any) and then essential ones (second, hour and minutes hands) in order to save the remaining energy and thus optimize the operating longevity of the watch.


As the iconic flagship of Citizen’s technological know-how, the technical Promaster collection is the most representative of the performance of the Eco-Drive system.

Starting with the spearhead Aqualand, which was the first diving watch to integrate in 1985  the eponymous depth gauge with electronic sensor, before joining the Promaster ranks in 1989.

For the 30th anniversary of this highly ranked Promaster, Citizen offered to its 2019  Aqualand a little cure thinness to reduce its thickness of 1.6mm to reach a slim (everything is relative) silhouette of 16.4mm, perfect to display its curves on the beaches this summer without blushing.

ISO 6425 patented and water resistant to 200 meters, this muscular 46mm diameter J250 caliber Aqualand with unidirectional rotating bezel is certainly intended for professional divers first, especially thanks to its decompression alarm (pressure sensor at 9 o’clock) and its perfect readability when in great depths, but also to the amateurs of the discipline with a depth gauge with maximum diving memory (black and white two-tone hand) graduated up to 70 meters on the flange with a highly detailed scale up to 40 meters (the most common diving depth).

The reference level 0 of this depth gauge is thus framed by a large date at 3 o’clock and a water sensor on the edge of the case, while the progression in the abyss is carried out via a colored hand of the same hue of the decimals found on the graduated scale of the flange for optimal reading.

In order to satisfy everyone’s requirements, the 2019 Aqualand Promaster is offered with two types of straps, a Urethane (kinda rubber strap) one with an extension allowing it to be worn over a diving suit, and an adjustable stainless steel bracelet with a security clasp.


In the same Promaster range but a tariffs crown turn lower than the Aqualand, are the Citizen Promaster Diver’s 200M, radically more lifestyle than their technical sisters.

ISO 6425 certified and water-resistant to 200 meters too, the Diver’s 200M distinguish themselves from their big Aqualand sisters by more discreet measurements, since with a diameter of 42mm for a thickness of 12mm, a single screw-down crown at 8 o’clock and a Pepsi bezel, making them more aesthetically adapted to dabble with serenity in good company with other small or big fishes in fashionistas urban pools.

Sold with two bracelets and a tool to easily change them, the Citizen Diver’s 200M turns out to be an essential choice for anyone who would (finally) like to dress its wrist with a genuine watch at decent price.

CITIZEN NJ0100-89L & NJ0100-38X 

The final stage of the 2019 Citizen novelties is reached with the Spring-Summer NJ0100 collection and the 41-hours power reserve of its self-winding 8210 movement.

Available in four colors either on a leather strap with stitching or a stainless-steel bracelet, this 45mm cushion-shaped collection and its screw-down crown will easily find the direction of many wrists looking for a chic and elegant watch at a cheap price.




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