After our whirlwind visit in the extraordinary horological forge led with an iron hand by the independent master craftsman Cyrus at the end of last week, here we are back on the path of micromechanical novelties to go visit the eclectic shaman Schwarz Etienne. According to the rumors, anyone who would enter in the tipi of this Swiss wizard would get out of it completely transcended after seeing a whole world of horological colors.

Never mind, since as Saint-Thomas, Le Claqueur de Doigts only believes what he sees.

But before being able to enter under the marquee of this secular Manufacture, our host of the day invites us to taste a mysterious beverage with enigmatic olfactory emanations as a welcome snack at the house of the sage.

Well, let’s drink up !

Our local Sex on the local beach with Ayahuasca down, here we are ready to enter the …

…oooh my God, was that a dizzy spell !?

But Daddy, why does Sagittarius puts his arrow on this spot of the Virgin ? And why Luigi removes the overalls of Mario while Bowser has fun with the feather that Princess Peach has in the a.. !?If I had known, I would have taken the blue pill…

As you probably understood, if some play it MMA and take a lot of blows in the face, the Morpheus Schwarz Etienne on its side plays it MDMA to blow our mind.

Welcome to the Horological Electric Ladyland imagined by Schwarz Etienne!


Starting with the hypnotic Ode To The Seventies which, as its name may not indicate, pays tribute to the Métiers d’Art through a psychedelic piece straight out of the 70s.

Hey Joe, what if I told you that the Ode To The Seventies has a real ukulele case containing a SwissKubik watch winder to never let you end this micromechanical trip ?

As Lenon would say, Imagine…

… an ecsta-tic dial in 18 carat white gold covered with multicolored arabesques in “grand feu” enamel, interwining in a carnal embrace without ever touching each other through a fine work of cloisonné and champlevé, wouldn’t it be bazinga ?

This is good sh*t I can tell you, since it is Madame Bourquin, one of the best enamellers of the Grands Ateliers of Jura who provides it.

Moreover, there’s a Peace & Love symbol on it, at 9 o’clock, right on top of the micro-rotor next to a large Flying-Tourbillon at 1 o’clock and an opening revealing the ratchet at 4 o’clock.

But hey wait, wait, it seems that it’s the TSE 121.00 Manufacture movement which is part of the chemic-horological composition of this 44mm watchmaking pill.

And it comes with a strap made of a genuine bell-bottom trouser with hand painted stains.

So dope !

Bold as love this Ode To The Seventies Foxey Lady from Schwarz Etienne, init !?

Well, if you don’t like the alchemy of colors, Schwarz Etienne can fix it, since the 23 doses of the Ode To The Seventies on the market are fully customizable.

So, whatcha say ?  I can have some for you for 118000 CHF TTC PPU.

Deal ?



What if Janis Joplin herself asked you : Take another little piece of my heart now baby ! Would you even hesitate ? Like you, Schwarz Etienne hasn’t dithered a second to offer to the ladies the timepieces they deserve on their wrist !

And this, thanks to the modularity allowed by the in-house architecture in three parts of the brand consisting of a bottom incorporating the horns, the dial and the spindle-shape case.

If the stainless-steel timepieces with black or salmon dial engraved with a floral motif in the center, refined applied drop shaped indexes and an hypnotic animation of the small seconds sub-dial are of the most elegant, these are the three timepieces in precious material and gemstones which let the said modularity to express its full potentiality, and thus sublimate the Fiji collection of Schwarz Etienne this year.

Starting with a first stainless-steel model whose lightly diamond-set dial echoes the subtle diamond setting of the back’s ridge and horns for a distinguished and delicate result.

Then with a second model draped in 18-carat pink gold up to the hands and indexes, whose sobriety and elegance leaves an ample opportunity to enjoy the kaleidoscopic dance of the small second at 6 o’clock.

And last but not least, with a third Rihannesque model and its dial paved with 5 carats of diamonds shining as bright as the Diamonds in the sky of the eponymous song.

A bling-bling-ish full set model, but whose extravagant shine is offset by a sublime multi-task box, since it can also be used as a purse, in red python signed by the Noleti house.

Powered by the ASE 200.00 automatic mechanical and micro-rotor movement with 86 hours of power reserve, the Fiji collection gives a glimpse of the full range richness of the Schwarz Etienne horological marijuana field.

Something tells me that this brand will make us high again in the future !



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